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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  June 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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hillary clinton wrapping up two campaign stops here in the bay area. and now it's her husband's turn. detectives in the south bay search for clues after a deadly shooting in broad daylight this afternoon. ktvu fox two news at six uh clock starts now. good evening. i'm cristina rendon. >> and i'm ross palombo. ken and heather have the night off. we begin with the race for the white house. hillary clinton is hitting the bay area hard with not just but -- one but two stops. the primary is just two days away. ktvu fox two news leigh martinez is live in vallejo where clinton met with a small group this afternoon. lee? >> reporter: clinton's visit say -- came as a surprise to locals. she planned it the day before and she's been opting for the small intimate settings compared to senator bernie
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sanders large rally. both are trying to make the best lasting impression on this still undecided voter. when good day cafe owners woke up saturday morning, they had no idea their weekend customers would include a presidential candidate. hillary clinton's campaign called and the nelsons can quickly change brunch plans. >> still shocked. it is very surreal. >> even those -- sundays are big business, the nelsons had no problem staying closed all day for clinton's one hour afternoon visit. >> not this time. the exposure and having a candidate candidate, far outweighed the financial implications. >> reporter: clinton began her morning in oakland speaking to st. paul missionary baptist church. the desire to reform the criminal justice system and decrease income inequality. for 30 days her 3:30 pm visit was a closed event. inside the cafe, she met with local leaders and a few community members
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to talk again about raising family incomes and equal opportunities. >> i feel that we are at a crossroads. there's much greater awareness, of a lot of our problems. a much greater acceptance of how they are interconnected. and i hope, a much greater willingness to roll up our sleeves and get to work on them. >> [ cheering ] >> reporter: outside, hundreds lined the streets to catch a glint of the presidential hopeful. >> she is the most qualified candidate running ever. >> reporter: it's still the undecided voters who could make the difference on tuesday. >> we've heard this every four years for how long? big changes. nothing seemed to change. maybe this time will be different. >> reporter: hillary clinton left vallejo to travel to sacramento for a get out the vote rally happening at sacramento city college. tomorrow, her husband former president bill clinton will be campaigning on her behalf and
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he'll be hitting five different bay area cities. >> such a small event there and she has so much ground to cover even just here in the bay area. did she at least come out and shake hands with people waiting outside? >> reporter: no. she didn't. she stayed inside but on her way out, you could clearly see her in the suv that she was riding in, she did ride pretty slowly, so that she could wave to the crowd and we saw a couple people standing on the sidewalk who were absolutely surprised that they got that clear of a glint of her. >> at least a little glance. leigh martinez, thank you. bernie sanders was win by the bay area one more time before tuesday's primary. residential police traveling to san francisco tomorrow, sanders is expected to attend a concert monday night in the presidio. the event is free and open to the public. several artists will take the stage including dave matthews, and special guest danny glover. doors open at 3:30 pm and the event is scheduled to start at
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5:00. gop nominee donald trump is on the defensive about comments he made over the weekend. on friday trump said a judge overseeing a lawsuit against trump university is biased because the judge is a -- of mexican descent. in an interview with the wall street journal, trump questioned past rulings made by the judge and asked him to recuse himself from this -- from the case. trump wants to build a wall between the u.s. and mexico. >> right now emergency crews fighting a number of fires up and down the state. the coleman fire is threatening about 120 homes there. and has prompted mandatory evacuations. it all started yesterday west of king city and is now burning through more than 3000 acres. mandatory evacuation orders are also in place near relief canyon, munro canyon and the upper part of pine canyon road. they are word the fire could go to more than 10,000 acres now because of high temperatures, dry grass and strong winds there. the cause of this fire is still under investigation. alameda county fire department posted this video of
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fire crews heading to monterey county to help better back -- battle back to place. then out -- they've been out there along with other fire departments since yesterday. three firefighters were hurt fighting this fire in calabasas. more than 500 acres have burned there. firefighters say cooler weather , though, is starting to help and cal fire now says this fire is 80% contained. it all started after a pickup truck hit a power pole in the area of old topanga. candidate -- fires are fueled by hot, dry conditions. we want to head to ktvu meteorologist rosemary orozco. >> we are actually looking at a cooldown which is good news. even in monterey where they are battling that fire. up above in the higher elevations, still very dry and warm. the marine influence is definitely having an impact there. having an impact here, giving you a live look at that fog rolling into the bay. temperatures this afternoon for some, slightly warmer.
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some, slightly cooler. such a huge drop off yesterday. that was the sun shining this afternoon, some spots warmed up a few degrees. a look at the current conditions, 73 right now in santa rosa, $0.59 cisco francisco, 55 have monday. than the other direction where we have our inland communities at 92, concord 89, livermore and san jose right now checking in at 82. 24 hour champ -- as you can see how it is down by five, concord is up by five, north bay santa rosa, cooler this afternoon but as you shift your eyes into the south bay, san jose is actually a tad warmer this afternoon. as we get into the next few days, minor changes, a few fluctuations with the morning clouds and the afternoon temperatures very seasonal for this time of year. when i come back i'll have a detailed look at what you can expect for tomorrow and the rest of the weekend. now to a fatal shooting in south bay. police say one person is dead near san jose, it happened near the intersection of east julian
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street and north 26th. that's about two blocks away from san jose high school. shooting happened around 2:45 pm. very few details are available but neighbors say they heard at least two shots fired, san jose police have not released the identity of the victim and there's no word yet on a motive or any suspect being caught. memorial tributes continue to pour in tonight from around the world. for legend muhammad ali. as mike tobin reports, utley is remembered not just as a boxer but as an icon of strength and courage. >> reporter: tributes for a man known as the greatest of all time continue to pour in after the passing of muhammad ali. >> the legacy of muhammad ali is not that he just floated in the ring. but that he stood up outside the ring. >> he was a man of extraordinary honesty and courage. >> reporter: ali was a three- time world heavyweight champion and winner of the gold medal at the 1961. he's remembered for his epic showdowns with sunny liston and joe frazier. >> you saw him on television. there was no one more beautiful.
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you saw him walking down the street, he was a beautiful thing to see. what a phenomenon. >> reporter: the former champion passing away in phoenix at the age of 74. after a 32-year battle with parkinson's. >> one of my best friends. next to my wife. i love my brother. he was a wonderful human being. >> reporter: the radiance in the ring and bravado outside of it made him an emblem of strength and courage. >> it's worth remembering that we live in a country where people can break down barriers, where they can worship their own god, where they can choose their own name, -- >> reporter: he converted to islam and changed his name from cassius clay, he fought for civil rights reform and refused to serve in vietnam. >> a very kind person. he would help anybody if he could. he's a saint. >> reporter: funeral services will be friday in poly's
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hometown. former president bill clinton will be among those eulogizing the sports figure. mike tobin, fox news. >> his passing was especially poignant for marin county journalist jason rezaian. remember he was held captive in iran, when ali publicly called for his release, it marked a turning point. that call was widely publicized in iran and resigned says afterwards he said he began to receive better treatment from the guards. he believes the testament to ali's admiration around the world particularly in iran. >> reporter: -- gas prices are on the rise nationwide. $2.37 a gallon for regular grade, that's up $0.60 over the past 15 weeks. a continuing increase in crude oil prices is being blamed for the spike. in the bay, san francisco has the highest gasoline prices. a gallon of regular will cost you $2.98. in san jose, $0.10 cheaper at $2.88. oakland has the least expense gas out of the 30 cities, at $2.86. on the heels of last month's week job report, janet yellen will speak tomorrow as
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gary penny tells us, it is unlikely that interest rates will go up. anytime soon. >> reporter: the latest jobs report came back worst than many predicted and it's causing concern about the u.s. economy actual growth. economists were expecting to see as many as 164,000 jobs created in may. instead, there were only 38,000 jobs added. making it the weakest performance in more than five years. the employment rate also drops to 4.7%, not because people were getting jobs though, but because nearly half a million people stopped looking for work. these disappointing figures have chairwoman janet yellen doing damage control since the federal reserve is now far less likely to move ahead with plans to raise interest rates in either june or july. yellen will address the world affairs council in philadelphia on monday, so we could get a better of -- idea of where the fed stands then. president obama did not mention the poor jobs report. he touted the u.s. economic
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turnaround over the last seven years as a result of his administration. >> america's businesses have created 14.5 million new jobs over 75 straight months. we've seen the first sustained manufacturing growth since the '90s. >> reporter: yet leaders argued that the u.s. economy should be doing better and growing faster than it has ordered a -- under the obama administration. >> we had anemic growth. the history -- it's been directly related to his policies. we should have well above 2% growth. maybe 4% growth. instead the president celebrates when we have 1.5%. >> reporter: officials at the federal reserve will be keeping a close eye on the next report a month from now to decide if may was an anomaly or the beginning of an economic slowdown. in washington, gary tenney, fox news. the golden state warriors are red hot and demand for team gear is at an all-time high. that's why officials are warning fans to be wary of counterfeit gear. there are a couple of ways to
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help keep from buying fake nba stuff. shop at nba authorized retail locations, steer clear of street vendors and be sure to look for the hologram sticker, the hangtag, or the screenprinted label that identifies the name of the nba legacy. >> we work with local law enforcement and federal agencies such as homeland security, and they actively pursue counterfeiters. and our feeling is that it actually detracts from the fan experience. so we want fans to be educated about this. >> reporter: officials say buyers should also be aware of rip tags or any irregular markings on shirts and hats or any other apparel. coming up, it is the worst flooding in three decades. floodwaters in paris are slowly starting to recede. here how long it could take before the beavers and is back to normal levels. and the bidding is about to begin to have lunch with the oracle of omaha.
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in france today, some tourist attractions in paris started to reopen has floodwaters receded. water levels continue to drop and boat and barge traffic will resume on the river seine. more than 11,000 homes still without power. inside, the museum, the mood is one of cautious optimism. >> we had to wait a little bit for a couple days, to know exactly what the situation is. but it's getting better. the water is going down. so let's see what happens. >> the flooding has been the worst in three decades. authorities say it could take as long as 10 days for the river to return to normal. at least two dozen are dead
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and dozens more injured in a series of bombings around baghdad after iraqi forces began a major offensive to take back the city of fallujah from isis fighters. as connor powell reports, militants are now using civilians as human shields. >> reporter: as iraqi troops move deeper into fallujah, ice is launching a string of bombings around the alarm -- iraqi capital, baghdad. the attack killing at least 15 and wounded 40. in a clear attempt to shift iraqi security forces attention away from fallujah. still, two weeks into the operation to retake the stronghold, iraqi special forces say they now control a key area of the city. government troops secured the southern edge this weekend. this area now provides iraqi forces a space to expand their assault on's -- on fallujah particularly the city center but isis continues to put up stiff resistance using car bombs and booby-trapped to slow the iraqi advance. militants are also reportedly
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using some of the 50,000 civilians there as human shields. those lucky enough to escape fallujah say living conditions are rapidly deteriorating. with food and basic items in short supply. once iraqi security forces secure fallujah, the city still faces serious issues including deep sectarian divisions which iraqi politicians so far have showed no willingness to address . in jerusalem, conor powell, fox news. rescue crews scooped up a hiker in app yesterday. take a look at this photo. it shows the hiker being hoisted up by chp helicopter. the hiker was injured on a remote trail at skyline park in napa yesterday afternoon. we haven't received any information on the hiker's injuries or his condition. one of the world's most unusual charity fundraisers is set to start tonight. it benefits san francisco's slide church foundation. a chance to have lunch with billionaire investor warren buffett.
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buffett has raised more than $20 million for glide during the past 16 years. the record bid was set in 2012 at almost $3.5 million. the winner can invite up to seven friends to join the lunch at the steakhouse in new york city. ebay says bidding will open at 7:30 pm pacific and run through friday. is that where we're going? >> i hope so. starting bid, $25,000. >> well. and it's going to get up to the millions for sure. it is only june 5th and already we're seeing the june gloom here in the bay area. >> yes, we are. >> more from rosemary orozco about this weather. >> typical june pattern, in the inner east bay today, it was really warm. then you check out the shot i'm about to show you the going a bit. we're socked in by fog. it's been cool here for most of the day. right now 60 degrees in san francisco, 73 in santa rosa, as we headed down towards oakland, 66. livermore in the upper 80s and
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san jose 82. so depending on where you're at, either in the 60s today, 70s, 80s, even a few lower 90s out there. this is the pattern that is going to stick around as we get through the next few days. a look at storm tracker 2 from up above, low clouds hugging the coastline. they've been there the entire day. as we got into the midmorning our, late morning timeframe, mostly sunny skies for most of us today. a look at the system that brought us the big drop in temperatures, saw a huge drop in the numbers yesterday. a little bit for some today. but with more sunshine out there, a few areas warmed up a few degrees. but this system you can see from here, already creating some very active weather over portions of the sierra. so we have thunderstorms there. for us, just about his cooling trend that will continue as we get into the next few days. i think temperatures are going to level off for the most part. then we'll see a little bit more cooling as we get into the second half of your business week. tomorrow morning, low clouds, across the bay, along the
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coast, going to bring back as we get through the morning hours. then into the afternoon, mostly sunny skies away from the coastline. temperatures 55 in oakland, 50 in santa rosa, 54 redwood city, upper 50s for san jose. a look at the forecast for napa tomorrow, going to be very pleasant as we get going into the afternoon, the first part and then warming to the upper 70s by the second part of the day. as we settle into six uh clock back into the low 70s. afternoon highs in areas right around novato, 79 expected. low 70s for richmond, upper 60s sausalito. low 70s for the east bay shoreline, upper 80s to low 90s expected once again for areas like danville, livermore, so again, the numbers barely budging. 82 san jose, 83 sunnyvale, along the peninsula, 78 redwood city, 7100 and 65 expected for san francisco. a look at your extended forecast, as we get back to work, that map shouldn't be -- that flight shouldn't be there. that's twice this happened to
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me. we're looking at temperatures to cool slightly with each passing day. wednesday, thursday, and we actually have those temperatures bottoming out in the low 80s for some areas as we get into your bay area weekend. christina, for the folks that are in the 90s right now, we'll get back into the low 80s. it's just going to take some time. >> and a patriotic monday. [ laughter ] that's okay. >> every day we celebrate living in the usa. >> i know. this is so odd to see you here at night. it's like a time warp for us. it's usually 7:00 am in the morning. >> double-double. and i'll be here at 10:00. >> thanks a lot. coming up, history made in the french open final. >> plus san jose is still buzzing, over last night's win.
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the fox 2 weather report brought to you by orchard supply hardware. steph curry's wife opened up a pop-up restaurant yesterday called international smoke and features several styles of barbecue. i'm in. that looks good. it's at the test kitchen in oakland and will be open for three months. some people were surprised when drake came by to sample that menu.
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he is a well-known front of lebron james of course but it appears he is forming a friendship now with the curry family too. that's what we want to hear there. joe fonzi joins us now with sports. >> and a big game four to monitor for the sharks. >> i'll bet you that aisha is not at the restaurant right now. >> oh no. probably not. >> this and the sharks will try to even their stanley cup finals years with pittsburgh at two games each. the finals came to the sharks home arena for the first time in their 25-year history last night. it was another one goal nailbiter that for the second straight time in the series was decided in overtime. 12:18 of overtime, used on sky, creating a window for himself and he used to get the puck back -- by matt murray. the sharks win 3-2 but still in the series 2-1. the sharks may need to be as about desperate monday as they were last night. >> everyone knows what's at stake.
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i thought we did a good job preparing for overtime and we played well. i thought that was one of our best games of the series. we could be better but it was good step forward for us. with 11 grand slam titles, novak djokovic's place in history was safe but today he had a chance to nail down the one event he had never won. djokovic taking on andy murray in the finals of the french open. marie won the first set 6-3 but then djokovic took command, in the near court with the nice touch at the net to win this, djokovic wins a 6-1, 6-2 insets two and three. now match .., murray will hit into the net and djokovic at last has his french title, 12 career grand slam title, currently hold the championship in all four events. the first man to do so since rod laver in 1969. only roger federer, roughly on the dell and pete sampras own more titles than djokovic. the 80s trying to avoid a
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sweep in houston in getting off to a good start in the first inning. yonder alonso with the two out blooper that falls with the bases loaded. two runs scored. the a's are off to a 2-0 start. by the seventh inning, the astros had tied it up and they took the lead. carlos koreas drive down the left field line, that brings george springer home. the astros got two more for insurance. they get a sweep 5-2. the a's hit the nationally trail with two games in milwaukee and then three in cincinnati. the giants wrapping up their road trip in st. louis, and that nba championship going on right now, we'll have it for you tonight at 10:00 and then at 11:00 on sports wrap. >> is that going on right now? >> i can tell you it's halftime and the warriors have the eight- point lead. >> okay. you could switch over and watch the game now. >> thanks a lot. congratulations to our ktvu fox two news family members who received seven emmy awards last night. >> seven? pretty good. >> you are one of them. >> i was fortunate enough to receive one of them.
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the entire team got a few emmys last night. it was a good night. >> also shout out to rob roth, jacob angerer, the producer, amazing team. >> yeah. we did really well. >> great. coming up tonight on the 10 news, nba finals continue, the action is in full swing right now. we'll have highlights and fan reaction as the warriors take on the cavs in game two and of course they're going to win. >> thank you, guys so much for making ktvu your source for news. we're always here online at
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